New singles released soon. In the meantime support our archival project. It’ll be 35-40 tracks in your mailbox once it’s completed. Order HERE



  • December 30 2018: “Turnunders and Overpasses”— A song from our Sub Pop album, JACKLEG DEVOTIONAL TO THE HEART, is airing on NBC’S The Blacklist season 6 premiere Thursday January 03 10pm/9cst

  • December 26 2018: If you have some true desire to hear me bloviate, David Austin’s “Who Are These People?” podcast will satisfy you

  • December 23 2018: KUZU 92.9 is a cool, new Denton, TX radio station and you should check it out streaming HERE. Peter Salisbury, fellow Baptist General, applied for a license when a spectrum window opened and LO and BEHOLD we now have a low-power FM station — first new station in Denton in 30 years or so. Weird music galore. Check it out

  • December 22 2018: Dallas Observer writes about the archival project HERE

  • December 15 2018: We have an archival project you can support HERE

  • December 14 2018: When the band started we managed an email list called “TRANSMIT” and abandoned it in the early 2000s when social media was going to make things so much better. None of social media is better. At any rate Transmit is back. It’s the best way to know what we’re up to and you can also respond to us personally there as well. You can find the “Subscribe To Our Transmits” button at the top of this page to sign up — or you can also subscribe HERE

  • December 12, 2018 We headline and close THE BIG BENDER festival in far-out west Marathon, Texas on Saturday, February 16th 2019. 2 days of music. Come camp and enjoy the festivities. You can buy tickets HERE. Look forward to seeing you . . .

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